Leading in Ammunitions and Explosives Treatment

Spreewerk d.o.o.

Spreewerk d.o.o. is the first demilitarization factory in Croatia working according to highest standards of NATO and EU in closed technical and technological cooperation with the company Spreewerk Lübben GmbH in Germany.


Meeting the highest safety and environmental standards we provide disposal services and recycling of conventional munitions and explosives.


Our customers benefit from our manufacturer independent performances as to post design services.


Our experience, technology and certifications allow complex consulting performances around the topic of munitions demilitarization including among others disposal, stockpile audits, implementation of management programmes etc. 

ISL Spreewerk d.o.o. (ISK) belongs to General Atomics Europe Gruppe
and as such is part of the global network of General Atomics.

Latest modification: 23.05.2019